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Tara J. Bellamy is an inspirational Author, speaker, certified life-purpose coach  and Consultant who has a great passion and mission to see lives healed and restored. She is called to share her revelations of biblical principles, life experiences, and insight in hopes that people will be set free from bondage and live a life full of God’s blessings. She prophetically sees the impact that ministry as a whole has on God’s people that ultimately changes lives forever. Tara’s vision is to carry this powerful message of hope and transformation all over the world to those in need. 

~Tara J. Bellamy~

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Passion for Pu​rpose

Devotional & journal


Ignite Your Purpose as you WRITE!

There's a Passion on the inside of you waiting to be lit with fire. Tap into it and see God's plan 

for your life. It's HUGE! So, Relax, Standstill, and Give your life, your situations, your circumstances and your Purpose to God and begin to walk in your Destiny. 

Then and only then will your discover the true Passion for Your Purpose.  

This journal will help you realize that every single thing you encounter in life,

every position and even the mistakes you make all have Purpose to serve your Destiny. 

K.I.S.H. Magazine's TOP 25 Global Influencers

Tara J. Bellamy (top row, first photo)

is a Certified Life Purpose Coach, 

Author & Consultant

K.I.S.H. Magazine's 

TOP 25 Global Influencers

“Pursue your PURPOSE Passionately. 

God's given you an assignment to complete while on this earth....

so get the job done.”

Tara J. Bellamy

New Book alert!

Passion for Pu​rpose

Unlocking your full potential

What do you have that someone else needs?

The world may not recognize your full potential, but your Heavenly surely Father does. 

Discover how you can grow to be intentional and actively pursue the life God has designed for you all along. Look through new lenses and see yourself anointed for growth and destined for greatness. Our Father has placed many amazing gifts and callings inside of you but He's waiting for you to take hold of His master keys to Unlock and Reveal your Full Potential. 

PASSION FOR PURPOSE encourages readers to understand how valuable you are to God. Someone needs what you have. Your gifts and assignments are not just for you, but for others. By the end of this read, you will know your God ordained worth and pursue your destiny with Fire, Passion and Purpose.

Unlocking the Codes:

Cleansing Your Bloodline and Breaking Generational Curses


UNLOCKING THE CODES will give you clear understanding and biblical principles on how to identify the enemy’s tactics and break free from generations of demonic CURSES that have been formed in your bloodline. Learn how to apply the methods to CRACK THE CODES and receive every promise of God for your life. This book will walk you through how to leave a godly inheritance of generational blessings and a CLEANSED BLOODLINE.



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Prayers That Unlock Heaven for KIDS

Prayers That Unlock Heaven for KIDS is a 31-day prayer guide that teaches kids to pray about everything and everyone around them.  Your children will be empowered and their faith will be strengthened as they learn to put their hope and trust in our Heavenly Father. 

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